Your week of improv workshops and people from all over europe

International Majorca in September 2019

beach & sun

fun & new friends

nice hotel & amazing events

The "International" offers the full variety of improvisational theater for improvisers. Look forward to a relaxing week full of fun and creativity with wonderful coaches and around 40 participants from all over Europe.

In about 30 workshop hours and three courses á 2 days you can discover a lot of new things. Siesta in the afternoon offers plenty of free time for the beach, a trip to the nearby towns or for talks with new friends.
  • schedule

    one week full of inspiring workshops & events
    up to 30 hours workshop time with three courses to choose from (complete schedule)
  • date

    August 31 - September 7 2019
    workshops 6 days from 10 - 12.30 h and from 17 - 19.30 h
  • location

    a wonderfull hotel exclusively for our improv group
  • accomodation

    flexible room categories
    triple-, double or single bedroom (799 / 949 / 1.249 Euros)
  • charge

    starting at 799 Euros

    incl. 6 days of workshops, breakfast and dinner buffets, events, airport transfer (Saturdays at fixed times) & lots of fun
  • confirmation

    training certificate
    Each attendee will get a certificate for the successful participation of an advanced training (leading a team, presentation, presentational skills, social competence etc.) e.g. as verification for your employer.

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Trainers and Team

  • Franck Buzz

    Artistic director of SUBITO Festival in Bretagne (France), professional performer, director and teacher for 20 years, Franck BuzZ enjoys playing free and organic improvisation.

    Trained by famous clowns (Mump & Smoot, Ludor Citrik) and international impro masters (Randy Dixon, Patti Stiles, Joe Bill, Susan Messing, Shawn Kinley, Steve Jarand...), Franck likes to use his extensive background in physical theatre, clowning, mime and masks to mix the guidelines of Del close and Keith Johnstone with a European theatrical approach.

    Over the years, he has featured in many impro festivals to teach and perform in 15 countries in 5 continents. In 2017-2018, he has been invited to Italy, Germany, Portugal, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Dubai, Australia, France, Austria, Spain and he will be invited for the first time in China in 2019.

    As a former lighting designer, Franck BuzZ created the innovative format « Impro LightboX » where lighting atmospheres are the starting point of each new scene. "Impro LightboX" won a Jury's Trophy at the Impronale Festival (Germany) in 2015 and has also played all around the world (Europe, Dubai, Australia, China …) facebook.com/improlightbox

  • Pedro Borges

    Graduated in classic theater, Pedro joined professional theater company "Teatro A Barraca" with whom he made dozens of productions since 2004. He specialized in Improvisational Theater since 2008 and now works as a full time improviser/teacher/manager in successful portuguese ensemble OS IMPROVÁVEIS, counting more than 750 stage presentations and 80.000 spectators, both in short/medium and long format shows that the group has created.

    Pedro has participated in countless international Improv events around the world (Chicago, New York, Boston, Amsterdam, Rio de Janeiro, Greece, Germany, Spain, Italy, Denmark), as an actor, teacher or participant. Pedro teaches Improvisation courses along with his group for many years, counting several classes of graduate students that have grown into their own Improv groups and keep an active community. He likes to combine the truth of theater acting with the playfulness and creativity of Improvisation techniques.

    Pedro is also a television actor, voice actor, and corporate trainer.
  • Omar Galvan

    One of the main references of the Improv in Spanish. Improviser, teacher and creator of formats. Author of "From the jump to the fly. Impro Handbook " (“Del salto al vuelo”) published in Spanish and Italian. His work is characterized by a particular poetic in scene, blend of magic realism and theatrical narrative resources no usually in the Impro.

    With him “Improtour” touring the world since 2000 and has gone through more than twenty five countries, some of them constantly returns. In 2015 he visited fifteen countries: as teacher at Second City in Chicago and Sarasota Impro Festival, he also participated in festivals like Berlin Improfestival, Festim (Madrid), FERIIR (Reunion Island), Istantaneo (Torino), ImproSalento (Lecce, Italy) and many more, also visited Costa Rica, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Brazil, Portugal, France...

    Omar is Argentine and resides in Madrid, with constant jumps to Italy, Portugal and Latino America.
  • Michaela Dudek

    Michaela managed her debut on stage in the first grade with snow-white and the other six dwarfs…. .
    Professional and artistical activities interconnected with each other from early on: she studied music and languages, worked as a personal trainer and was teaching for five years in schools and at university. On the way of inspiration and development she finally met Improv in 2010 and extended her profile by studying once more: theatre. Meanwhile she had already sung in musicals herself and set up musicals with kids, held seminars at university and taught in schools, had coached managers in dizzying heights, moderated, produced intercultural trainings, was a band member for some years, performed in different theatre projects, accompanied people to achieve their training goals, travelled different continents, organized and led events and gave off her driving license three times.

    Since 2015 she totally focuses on Improv and it’s approaches occupationally. She is member of holterdiepolter!, an Improv group in Nürnberg, and participates other improv groups as well. Since 2014 she is part of the Improhotel and since 2017 host of the International Impro-Hotel workshops on majorca. You can find the native bavarian girl in Nürnberg or traveling in the name of improv, prepared to cause chaos, subsequently creating a mess true to the device: my heart is leaking: love is running out!

  • Ralf Schmitt

    Ralf Schmitt guarantees for an event full of esprit due to his long experience as a host, a speaker and a trainer. With an audience from 10 up to 15.000 people.

    Presentation: Ralf has been a host to executive conferences, mega events, international fairs and much more - lots of well-known companies employed Ralf for their event and he enthused both attendees and organizers with his gripping way of presenting.
    Author/speaker: Ralf Schmitt wrote "Ich bin total spontan, wenn man mir rechtzeitig Bescheid gibt!" and „Ich bin total beliebt, es weiß nur keiner". Ralf developed an interaktive speech to both books. He is member of the German Speakers Association.
    Training / Improvisationt theater: On stage, Ralf feels like home. With more than 2500 successfull shows in the context of business Gala-Shows or stage events, he is a professional improv-comedian and offers high quality workshops and trainings.
  • Felipe Ortiz (MC)

    Felipe is founding member of La Gata Cirko and PICNIC impro. Has been working on improvisation theatre, clown and new circus from a physical approach since 1995. He´s a reference in the improv world for his skills and experience with improv, physical theatre and clowning.

    Contemporary dance, stage fighting, acrobatics, capoeira, mask, clown and buffoon are part of his background studied and trained with wonderful teachers such as: Keith Johnstone, Patti Stiles, Shawn Kinley, Phillipe Gaullier. He´s part of the Orcas Project, an improv research group directed by Randy Dixon.

    Felipe has worked in South America, North America, Europe, Oceania and Asia, teaching and performing with different schools, festivals and improv companies.


All courses for participants with 3 years of improv experience.

workshop block 1 (sunday & monday)

Works for me - Pedro Borges (Level A)

In this workshop I will share my Impro toolbelt with the participants. After looking back at my years of Improvisation and a self-reflection of the techniques that I often use onstage, I came up with the idea of just honestly sharing each of those tools, hoping that some of them will also be useful for other improvisers. "Time, Status, Zoom, Repercusion, Emotion, Truth, Why" are names i gave to some of the tools in my belt. I will explain how each of them is useful for me and participants will be playing and exploring the potential of each one, in exercises and scenes.

Inspired by the sun - Franck Buzz (Level B)

The lights around us give us energy and rythm to our lifes. In the "LightboX" show, a very unique and innovative format created by Franck BuzZ, performers let them be inspired by the lights around, like we all do with the sun everyday.
« LightboX » has been played in more than 10 differents countries and with a lot of international famous improvisers : Patti Stiles, Joe Bill, Lee White, Inbal Lori, Felipe Ortiz, Susan Messing …
The related workshop « Inspired by the sun / Play with Lights » helps to understand how lights can become your partner on stage and opens new possibilities for stage work (with or without
lights) : create powerful images, give and take the focus, be connected without eye-contact, play the obvious, play with more simplicity, trust relationships and emotions before words.
Inspired by the « Lightbox » format, you will play in several lighting and video atmospheres to enter in a new universe of fantasy and poetry. Unique experience ! guaranteed fun!
This workshop is intended for people who'd like to:

  • trust themselves, trust their partners, trust the audience!
  • make bold choices
  • play the obvious
  • explore new stage work

videos of LightboX shows and workshops: vimeo.com

workshop block 2 (tuesday & wednesday)

Feelings - Michaela Dudek (Level A)

i feel feelings! Emotions are closely connected to our body. To our body language. Our posture and physical expression is determined by emotions. But where is this emotion internally located while being sad or happy? How do I play to be angry or delighted from a physical point of view? Where is jealousy sitting and how is love moving? We'll develop our performing skills based on four basic emotions who all have their own balance point inside ourselves. We’ll find out more about the relation of feelings and attitude. First we’ll set the emotional anchor, then we’ll put words.

Reality levels - Omar Galvan (Level B)

"IN THE MAGIC REALISM  MOOD" An Omar’s pure research.

Omar Argentino Galvan shares his particular and evolving work always researching dramaturgy paths and performing resolutions not generally explored in the improv. The poetic movement. The Magic Realism as an excuse and inspiration to learn and generate a new mood to play. Ghosts, the not living character, the reelection of empty space, reality planes, imaginary object 2.0.A key workshop to discover and understand a Latin American style of improvisation as a theatrical expression.

workshop block 3 (thursday & friday)

2 formats - Pedro Borges (Level B)

2 days, 2 formats. Let's just play as if we needed to prepare and perform a show in each day! In the morning session we will learn the form, train techniques that will help us play in that style; and in the afternoon will test and finally play the format. How fun is that!?

First format The Trip, a group form that relies on a strong group mind, physicality, transformation and editing.

The second format is Game Show Life, a longform disguised as a television quiz-show. The format allows for players and audience to discover the character’s background throughout the contest, while they have a lot of fun trying to “win” the show and get the final prize!

Yes, but... - Omar Galvan (Level B)

What is beyond “YES, AND”? In every story there’s a “but”, a conflict. We will discover that and reread certain bases of the Improv, o be more sophisticated in our way to play. New poetics.

From the empty to almost everything. We will put the microscope in the absolute present, at the moment when improvisation happens. Practical exercises that aim to dissect the instant. Point of view. Structures for drama and comedy.

The focus will be in your improvised lines and actions, word-by-word, movement-by-movement, the subtle emotion, the latent history. If the Impro is a living organism, we will go to its DNA.

A practical and minimalist workshop in which you will play with subtle physical, intellectual and emotional movements.


day of arrival
from 10.00 h Bus-shuttle Airport Palma (schedule 10, 13, 15, 18 and 20.00 h)
from 11.00 h Check-in hotel Casa de la Vida (extending your stay is possible - please contact us)
from 13.00 h Moving into your room is possible
20.00 h Dinner buffet
21.00 h Meet&greet with your trainers

08.30 - 10.00 h Breakfast buffet
10.00 - 12.30 h Morning workshop block
12.30 - 17.00 h Leisure time: siesta / beach / relax
17.00 - 19.30 h Afternoon workshop block
20.00 - 21.30 h Dinner buffet
from 22.00 h Evening program (collective shows, parties, excursions, dancing, music band etc.)

day of departure
08:00 h Breakfast buffet
starting at 06.00 h Shuttles to Airport Palma
(we recommend flight departure times later than 10.00 h)

feedback from participant

"Thanks again for last week. I'm still on a high from all those good times. It's a really incredible thing. Hats off to you sir. I guess what i'm trying to say is: AWESOME! It was the BEST! COOLEST week ever!" Ryan L.

Wir lieben die Spontaneität!

Die Original Impro-Hotels - seit 2003


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